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Why was my release rejected for bad artwork?

At Kami Records, we’re super strict about artwork. It’s often the first thing your fans will see so it’s super important that we get it right. Some stores are also super picky so we always try to cover all basis.

Here are a few common reasons releases get rejected for artwork:

You should only include your artist name and release title in the artwork. Anything else may result in your release being rejected.

The artwork is of bad quality

If the image is blurred or we can’t read the text, we’ll reject the artwork. Everything within your artwork should be clear.

You included an image which you don’t own

We see this more often than you think! Don’t include your favorite cartoon character, a picture of a random mountain from Google, or a picture of space. Everything in your artwork should be your own original work.

You included social media icons

Don’t put usernames for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social network. This also includes social media icons.

You included a barcode

Including a barcode is a big no! Firstly it’s probably not the right one and secondly, it’s not allowed! Don’t include one.

You included an advisory warning when your release wasn’t explicit

If your release isn’t marked as explicit, don’t include an advisory warning in the artwork.

Updated on 6 September, 2021

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