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How do I get paid by Kami Records?

You’ll need to provide us with the necessary information before we can make a payment!

Provide us with your Payment Information

When the minimum royalty threshold is 25$. Before we can pay you, we’ll need to know where we should make the payment. If you navigate to “Account” at the bottom and click “Payout Settings”, you’ll be able to provide us with your payment method information. Payment method: Kami Titpalti. We are updating and will be complete payment gateway integration into the new Dashboard in May 2022

Verify your Information

Sometimes we will need to verify the information you send us. This can take us a bit of time so please be patient. We won’t be able to pay you until this process is complete.

What happens next?

Once you’ve provided all of your information, on the next payment day (normally from 20th to 30th of the month) we’ll make a payment to you.

Please note that we don’t send payments outside of this schedule. Sending payments is expensive and time-consuming, we like to keep everything to a minimum!

Updated on 22 February, 2022

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